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Forestwish Cover Screenshot_edited.jpg

The strings of bullet seeds dangle like green jewels in opulent bunches on the biggest and healthiest ones, under the wind-battered specimens the seed strings lie on the ground, trampled.

“People all over the city notice these trees” the guide says. Less alone am I, for being a person among others, noticing all over the city.

My chapbook Forestwish won the 2021 Birdhouse Chapbook Prize and came out with Ghostbird Press in April 2022. Order your copy here.

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Love Letter to the Best Bar in Queens

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It’s raining, but we are not made of sugar. It’s raining so hard that the bright blue edifice is a blur, an indigo eye bathed in tears... 

Essay at Beyond Words Literary Magazine in the June 2022 Issue.

Stranger Prayer


I tried prostrating myself on the floor. I asked for things. I wept. I lit candles. My atheist friends lit candles... 

Read more at KtB Magazine.

Five-Foot Fifty-Dollar Green Beauty


The sight of your friends’ faces illuminated by hot light, standing in a circle as flames leap into the air, as needles crackle and burst, as sparks fly, this image will stay with you... Read more at KtB Magazine.

Eating Alone

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I'm the coeditor of Eating Alone, a collaborative chapbook anthology of essays and poems. Forthcoming in 2022 with Clotheslines, a new literary journal that explores what it means to be in relation.

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